ReapShares is a forward thinking certified Social Enterprise.

About us


ReapShares became a mainstay after our pilot Shea Business School project. 854 Women in 10 villages successfully trained in the processing of quality nuts, processing of quality butter, group management, and first aid. The project was facilitated by our Community Development Team and supported by Royal Society of Arts and Commerce (UK) under the Catalyst funding grant in 2015.

Our short-term objective is to facilitate the process by which women smallholders, increase their incomes and raise their living standards through fair trade and co-ownership in order to pay for essential items such as medicines to safeguard their children from infection and disease. 

We are in the business to bring raw material producers up the value chain and reinvest over 70% of these profits into community livelihood projects such as a multifunctional Shea Processing Hub including Warehouse, Community Centre, Health and Childcare Post. 

Our approach is underpinned by a Sustainable Shared Value Partnership (Co-Ownership) delivered through collaborations between our most valued Custodians (Producers) and International Professionals in different sectors to spearhead a holistic approach to sustainable development.


We adopt the UN sustainable development goals in our partnership with the communities in ensuring their produce and well being is enhanced. 




Many thanks to everyone involved with this project especially :

King Jawol
Faruk Sabah
Jabin Tingan
Lukman Abdullah
Mary Azumah
Eric Owusu
Joe Bradley
Ana Carneiro
Simeon Quarrie
Henry Pwasangah
Elena Ion
Pia Fisher
Fred Owusu
Bertha Owusu
Philipp Simon
Anna Simon
Vida Obeng
Hannah Obeng
Anna Lowe
Kwabena Acheampong
Yaw Ansiri Bede
Tafadzwa Kabambe
Yasmin Gayle
Nana Yaw Amponsah

Faruk Muhammed